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          The Ethos & Enterprise Journey

          我们的价值 & Enterprise Learning Journey

          Every Grace Student participates in an enhanced curriculum as part of their journey from Year 7 to 16后. This journey is built around four key themes which build on a set of Ethos and Enterprise Learning outcomes that holistically benefit our students.


          制定共同的价值观: 通过课程嵌入我们的价值观和文化
          基督教的理解的观点: Exploring Christian viewpoints on faith based issues as part of the curriculum
          建立健康的关系: Developing the skills, values & wisdom to build effective relationships in every sphere of life
          准备就绪就业: Preparing students for the world of work, and real life beyond the academy. Please see the Business & Enterprise section for more details.

          The Ethos and Enterprise learning outcomes make a positive contribution towards OFSTED’S requirements for SMSC and enhance the provision of PSHE, Citizenship and RE, as well as contribute to the promotion of British Values.

          Our enhanced curriculum enables students to explore key themes through lessons, assemblies, tutor times, afterschool clubs, theme weeks, off time table days and special events as part of the student’s learning journey.

          Explore the Ethos & Enterprise Learning Journey

          我们的价值 & Enterprise Team

          The Ethos & Enterprise Team come from different Academy roles and include members of the Leadership Team, Youth Workers, Relationships & Sex Education Specialists, Business Facilitators and Family Support Workers.


          Additional external funding is provided by the Academy Foundation to help our Ethos & Enterprise Team embed our vision and values through additional resources and experiences for students.

          Discover Our Student Ethos & Enterprise Experience


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          More information on the impact of values based approach to education can be found online at //www.valuesbasededucation.com


          What Our Staff & Students Say…

          Below is an example of what our students and staff are saying about the impact of our Ethos Learning Journey…




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          个人发展与安迪·辛顿计划 - 英​​国足球传奇人物

          I will take on board the values and try and show them through my work.


          I experienced a lot of things that I hadn’t done before and I now understand the meaning of grace.


          The Youth Worker has helped me build up my confidence. I still find school difficult sometimes but she helps me work out how I can cope and I enjoy lessons more now.



          88% agreed: I feel better prepared to make healthy choices about sex & relationships.


          90% agreed: I am more aware of the risks associated with sexual activity.


          This course has given me a lot of self-confidence and made me and my friends closer and more excited to come to school.



          The Easter Experience was so good. I was really challenged to think about what Easter means because I’ve never given it much thought before.


          Stance (External Guests) taught me so much and helped me understand how I can be stronger when things get tough.


          Happi (External Guest) taught me that I can be a super hero by helping people more.


          You have helped me understand more about what Christians believe as I never really knew what they thought.





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